Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bladder Rumbling Could I Have A Water Infection?

Could i have a Water infection? - bladder rumbling

Need time likeall Loo I am more than my full bladder, stomach pain, only light and a little sick, my stomach growls, on average, I mean loads and I am always well fed!


joannaj7... said...

Yes, could be an infection of the water. Go to the documentation, because if you feel sick, or you can go to the kidneys and u ill. Take a test first in the morning paper and try to be there. You will immediately give antibiotics if your drawbacks positive x

Lady B said...

Perhaps you have a urinary tract infection or a stomach virus. The bubble Rumble. Drink plenty of fluids, I mean a lot, and call your doctor. You need antibiotics.

Cats Who Like to Be Spanked said...

Could a bladder infection. Going to the doctor.

Replace said...

Sounds like a urinary tract infection and / or during pregnancy

Chlo. ツ said...

Go to the dotor if you're worried. x

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